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Lajpat Nagar Blast Case: another test case


From the narrow window of my small cell,
...I see trees that are smiling at me
and rooftops crowded with my family.
And windows weeping and praying for me.
From the narrow window of my small cell -
I can see your big cell!

-- Samih al-Qasim


Lajpat Nagar Blast Case: another test case of the observation that "being a Kashmiri itself is a crime to be punished in India!

Abolish Capital Punishment!

Public memory is too short. And the media which prunes our interests and intuitions also didn't find this particular case enticing enough as it had when the incident happened 16 years before. That blasts took place at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi in 1996 itself was sensational news. Following this the arrests of 10 Kashmiri youth and their sensationalised media trial also ensured that the public gaze remain glued to the news channels. What happened after that, that too after 14 years for the Kashmiris who got tried was of little news value though the death sentence conferred on many of them made the media trial before the real trial more 'credible' and 'authentic' before the public.


Memorandum against repression of worker’s movement in Haridwar

October 22, 2012--There was a protest demonstration at Uttarakhand Bhawan on 20th October 2012 against repression of worker's movement , particularly against registration of false and fabricated F.I.R. against 32 workers related with Inqulabi Mazdoor Kendra who were participating in a peaceful rally organized after completion of their 2 day long 3rd Conference in Haridwar. Activists of different organization gathered at Uttarkahand Bhawan and submitted a memorandum to Resident commissioner demanding quashing of fabricated FIR. They also demanded judicial inquiry in registration of false FIR and punishment to officer involved in imposing the said false and fabricated FIR. Activists of Inqalabi Mazdoor Kendra , Krantikari Lok Adhikar Sangathan, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Mehnatkash Mazdoor Morcha, Mazdoor Patrika, Pragatisheel Mahila Ekta Kendra & others were present their. A gate meeting was also organised where in speakers emphasized on fight against onslaught of indian state against workers and poor masses. Copy of memorandum given to the R.C. Uttarakhand is given below.

MEMORANDUM Dated: - 20.10.2012

To:  The Resident Commissioner, Uttrakhand Bhawan, New Delhi

Subject: - Memorandum against repression of worker's movement and registration of false and fabricated FIR against workers and activists at P.S. Ranipur Haridwar.


Oppose and Fight Against Ban of RDF in Andhra Pradesh

Rise!   Resist!    Liberate!
PRESS RELEASE -- 11 August 2012

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) has been banned by the Andhra Pradesh government on 9 August 2012 through Government Order No.430 under Andhra Pradesh Public Security Act 1992. This comes as the latest of the anti-people repressive measures that the Andhra Pradesh government have persistently adopted to over the last few decades to crush democratic voices and peoples’ movements under the garb of fighting Maoism.


RDF condemns arrests at Koodankulum nuclear plant

Rise!                                                                Resist!                                                 Liberate!

REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRATIC FRONT (RDF) -- Press Statement -- 13 October 2012

Condemn the Arrest of All India Fact-finding Team members at Koodankulam - Withdraw the Case and Release all the members unconditionally - Scrap the Nuclear Plant at Koodankulam

Revolutionary Democratic Front strongly condemns the illegal detention and, arrest and slapping of baseless charges on the members of an all-Indian fact finding team to Koodankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu. The members of the team included Varalaxmi (Secretary, Revolutionary Writers' Association, Andhra Pradesh) Hamid, Secretary, Rayalaseema Karmika Samakhya,  Dastagiri, student,  Priyadharshini (Democratic Students Union, JNU), Keshavan (CPCL. Tamil Nadu), K. Palanisamy (Anti-imperialist Movement), Jagan (Students Uprising Movement for Social Welfare, SUMS), Agradi (Women's Uprising Movement), Pratima (lawyer, Orissa), Damodar and Arvind (Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan, Jharkhand). The team was detained at Nanguneri in the morning of 12th October, which is 20 km away from Koodankulam and does not even fall under the 144 zone which has been declared within 7 km radius of Koodankulam. Yet the police detained them first for "illegal assembly". After a daylong detention, at night, the police framed them under baseless yet draconian charges. They have been booked under sections 143, 188, 194(B), 353,362, 506(i), R/W 17(1) Criminal Law Amendment Act. Some of these charges are nonbailable and the CLA Act in particular is a draconian Act. The team members have been taken to Palayamkottai prison, and will be produced in court on Monday.


RDF on Workers Struggle; Communal Clashes; and Caste Atrociities

All India Executive Committee of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) -- Three Resolutions (approved at meeting in Delhi, 1-2 August 2012)  (after the First Conference in Hyderabad on 22-23 April 2012).

1. On Maruti Suzuki Worker's Struggle

RDF hails the militant movement of the workers of Maruti Suzuki factory at Gurgaon, and strongly condemns the management of the company as well as the government who have undertaken a severe repressive campaign against the workers. The company has declared a lock-out which leading to the loss of jobs of thousands of workers.


RDF statement on Andhra Pradesh ban

Rise!                                                                Resist!                                                 Liberate!


11 October 2012   -  Statement

Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) presented its defense yesterday, i.e. on 10th October 2012 before the Advisory Board constituted by Andhra Pradesh Government to look into the ban imposed on our organisation.  The President of RDF, Varavara Rao and Vice-president, Ganti Prasadam appeared before the Advisory Board and argued against the arbitrary, authoritarian and undemocratic ban imposed by Andhra Pradesh Government on the organisation.  In this regard, we would like to clarify a few more points here. The Government of Andhra Pradesh (the Intelligence Department mainly) has given false and wrong information to the Advisory Board.


Report on the first All India Conference of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

The historic first conference of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) was held on 22 and 23 April 2012 in the Sundarayya Vignana Bhavan in Hyderabad. The conference was inaugurated with the hoisting of the RDF flag by Goru Madhava Rao, the veteran fighter of the Srikakulam armed peoples' uprising, the founding president of All India Peoples' Resistance Forum (AIPRF) and an untiring revolutionary who recently passed away on 18 July 2012. Slogans hailing ongoing revolutionary movement and condemning the Indian state's repressive class violence in the form of Operation Green Hunt, Operation Haka and Operation Vijay were raised.


Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) Manifesto and Constitution


(Adopted in the first Conference held in Hyderabad on 22-23 April 2012)

When British imperialism formally devolved power in 1947, the people of India hoped that they would gain freedom and democracy, and that imperialist and feudal exploitation and oppression would be a thing of the past. They expected that with the formal end to colonial rule their standard of living would improve. But their hopes and aspirations have not been fulfilled. Even after half a century of so-called independence not only is poverty as acute in the country, it is increasing at a rapid rate with the current onslaught of imperialism. Over the last decades starvation deaths and suicides in the backward rural areas in particular have reached a scale never witnessed before in post-1947 India. Together with these forms of systemic violence, the Indian rulers have brought in a regime of repression and exploitation which is often worse than in colonial times.

Since the formal devolution of power, a few changes in India's political, economic and cultural spheres have been witnessed. The bourgeois parliamentary system, which is fake in essence, with all its varied forms, including an Assembly, Parliament, universal suffrage, etc., have been placed and projected before the people, proclaiming that the masses could enforce their freedom and democratic rights through this system which is false and bogus.


Protest Against Massacre of 20 Adivasi Villegers in Bijaqpur, Chhattisgarh

Invitation to DHARNA - DEMONSTRATION - At Parliament Street, New Delhi - 11 am - 5 pm, 31 (Tuesday) July 2012

Friends, The chilling incident of the premeditated massacre of 20 adivasis peasants of Sirkegudem, Kothagudem and Rajupenta in the Bijapur district of south Chhattisgarh on the night of 28 June 2012 have shocked the conscience of every democratic and freedom loving people of the subcontinent. Till date no action has been taken on the officers responsible for this cold-blooded murder.